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Due to the spread of internet environment and media, on line casinos are attracting attentions in world gaming market. On the other hand, Japan is second to none in developing unique game and has an ability to create original culture. In such a circumstance, we have established smart gamingⓇ division making a specialty of it. Smart gamingⓇ is named after such a scheme itself that “Provide Japanese games SMARTLY to all over the world” “Play easily with SMARTPHONE”. It is very difficult for the company from other countries to enter the casino market because of severe regulations and rules, but EIBIC has entered the contract with Spin Games, a content designer and developer, through years of action and our own route. As a result, we can provide original games legally to gaming market. With our company as a point of contact, several Japanese game developing companies are already creating games and in 2018 we will start offering content, and after that we also will provide many Japan-tasted contents and games that incorporate original themes and ideas
If you are interested in or consider providing the contents or games in the smart gaming business, or plan to enter the gaming market in the view of opening Integrated Resort (IR) service in Japan in the future, do not hesitate to ask us. (Click here if you ask about smart gaming business


About Spin Games

Founded in January 2012 in Reno ,USA: Spin Games creates a various kind of casino gaming machine with their leading edge technology. Spin Games provides game contents with HTML5. ROC(TM)
Large overseas companies and major Japanese companies have also licensed their agreement with Spin Games and EIBIC becomes on a par with them. For more information about Spin Games LLC, please visit www.spingames.net.


Image of distribution channel to Spin Games


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