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3D-Nogla make use of various disparity and original technology and provides the 3D image which is suitable for various scene. We can provide the optimal solution that take advantage of the characteristic of existing technology.
01   Mechanism to Make it 3D-Views Without Glasses

Assume that pictures taken from multiple visual points are displayed on a screen. By viewing these pictures through a special filtering system, human eyes focus light on the retina, but these eye-views are slightly different in visual point depending on either left-eye or right-eye.
Human brains by themselves combine these two eye-views with dissimilar visual points and reconstruct the whole view, which result in recognition of the whole as a 3D view. No specific accessary such as wearing glasses are required in this viewing process.
01   Features of 3D-Nogla System

There exists a number of approaches to implement a naked-eye 3D imaging. Barrier method is one of them, but it by nature blurs the resulting views due to that it produces a series of pixels with a slope on the LCD screen.
Eibic has succeeded in producing an optimum layout of barrier patterns, and this innovative improvement makes it possible for the 3D-Nogla to reproduce a vivid and crisp 3D image.
 Parallax-Barrier Method

Eibic proposes a Parallax-Barrier method which can produce 3D images with less eye-strains when viewing long, while it has an advantage over production costs and stable quality. Customers can enjoy a low-cost implementation of their 3D products by customizing standardized displays that are designed and optimized by Eibic to meet your requirement.
 Lenticular Lens Method

Eibic recommends a Lenticular Lens solution which produces stronger 3D images with a wider eye-view. By adopting optimal design and supporting know-how based upon abundant experiences in the field, we can help customers roll out their own 3D products with a reasonable development cost.
 3D-Contents Planning and Authoring
By drawing on our abundant experiences in the field of amusement contents production, Eibic can author 3D-pictures content that looks solid with a high stereognostic sense. Our 3D-contents designers, well experienced in critical authoring factors such as layout designing, interpretation, and camerawork can work with and help your 3D Project.
Proposal on Solutions
Operating System + Reproduction Software + Existing Display System + 3D-Nogla + 3D Contents

01   【Application of 3D Products】
●PC ●Mobile Phone ●Digital Signage 
●Home Gaming Devices
【Reproduction Method】
●3D Moving Pictures
●Real-Time 3D-Imaging Data Conversion
Solution Proposed
Video Board + Existing LCD + 3D-Nogla + 3D-contents
01   【Products】
A Variety of Amusement Devices
●Pachinko ●Pachi-Slot
●Arcage Gaming Machines
【Reproduction Method】
●3D Moving Pictures
 (For reversible-compressed data)
●3D Moving Pictures based on Real-time 3D Data
 Conversion (For irreversible-compressed data)
Naked-eye 3D Gaming Machines for Amusement
01   【Device Component】
Naked-Eyes 3D Display
(Existing LCD + 3D-Nogla) + VDP + 3D-Contents
【Introduction and Expected Advantage】
●It resulted in differential products from competitors
 by collaboratively merging with effective
 performance on LCD.
●Initial cost reduction by diverting legacy
 characteristice of exisiting LCDs.
【Items to Follow-up】
●Barrier designing/manufacturing for customized
●Joint development of any 3D-image control
●Joint authoring of 3D contents
 Innovative 2D-3D Real-Time Conversion

The topnotch technologies in the area of Image Processing and Process Designing have allowed us to implement this innovative 2D-3D Real-Time Conversion on an ASIC-basis.
Two big concerns underlying in today's multifocal 3D Imaging system, that are 1) excessive workload required for creating multiview contents, and 2) heavy control-load required for producing pictures with multiviews, are both fixed at a stretch.
 Mass-Process Designing and Production

Naked-Eyes 3D Product Manufacturing system can be supported in our domestic production power, in the case when you feel home production is required to be leveraged practically.
Eibic will take full advantages of and turn to practical use of purchasing/manufacturing power that we have experienced and built up to date.

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