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● Electronic Circuit Design

Eibic deals with your product requirement for miniaturization and multifunctionality by making the knowledgeable use of our field experiences and board-device optimization skills.

● AW Pattern Designing

Eibic provides you with optimal patterns with reduced production failure. To keep up its quality-level, we offer valued designing and simulation technologies to cope with a rapidly evolving communication speed.


Requirements for testing devices and production are accepted to formulate proposals based upon your system specifications.

● Embedded Image Control System

By seeking for ways to a reduced control load control to cope with increasing requirements for overloaded VDP control, Eibic continues to pursue an improved level of adaptability to technologies.


● Embedded Decoration System

By taking advantage of expertise and experiences in the field of decorative/drive control system designing, Eibic proposes a variety of optimal performance patterns and contributes to increased value-added performance in the system contents.

 Resource/Purchasing Management

By drastically committing in-house order placement, delivery adjustment, and cost control, Eibic can satisfy the cost reductions' requirement.
When purchasing new materials, cost reduction is also possible by putting in our purchasing/marketing know-how that we have built up in the field.

 Mass Production

For implementing reduced delivery date and cost, Eibic builds cost-effective production lines at multiple production bases that specialize in assembling amusement articles. A daily production requirement of more than 5,000 units is acceptable based on your product marketing plan.


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