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 Management Concept:
 1. We are a compliance company and contribute to society by way of electronics business.
 2. We pursue well-being of both in-house and external people through business.
 3. We prioritize user-friendliness first, and being an on-going, stable supplier of valued
   products with a minimum, on-time delivery date.
 Action Guideline:

【 Readiness 】

 This is our top selling point since we think high efficiency is the very basics in our day-to-day
 business activities in terms of products' development, purchasing and marketing.

【 Reliability 】
 We respect on-going reliability with customers and affiliated business partners. Our business
 goal lies in mutual benefits on demand-supply business cycle rather than an one-way profit

【 Flexibility 】
 A flexible thought of the time and behavior is our mode of business activities. We think
 persisting to fixed rules is in opposite direction.


Eibic Co., Ltd.
7F, 2-10-3 Aichi-Shakai-Bunka Center Bldg., Matsubara, Naka-ku, Nagoya Japan 460-0017
Tel: +81 52 324 8883 Fax: +81 52 324 8668  E-mail: info@eibic.co.jp

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